Because Every Family Has A  Story
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Statement of Confidentiality
We Treat Your Family’s Information with Complete Confidentiality

Every family has its own story, and each story is unique to every family.  At Legacy Series Publishing we treat all information about your family with the utmost respect and all information is kept in strictest confidentiality.  At no time and under no circumstances will any of your family’s information be divulged or even discussed outside of our production activities with you, unless we request and obtain explicit written permission to do so.  Our commitment to confidentiality includes but is not limited to any access to your family’s website, letters or comments of recommendation from you, and any references that could identify you or your family.  You may wish us to use your family as a reference.  Even then, we will not do this unless explicit written permission is obtained from you to do so and in most circumstances we will not even request this permission.
Each of our production and project management personnel signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement on behalf of your family and each family member who is engaged with us in the production of your project will be presented with a copy of the signed agreements.  We highly value the opportunity of working with every family and every family needs to know that valuing that opportunity comes with the utmost respect for you and your privacy.

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