Because Every Family Has A  Story
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Publishing Your Legacy

Legacy Series Publishing (LSP) customizes a production package to suit your desires, budget, and time line.  LSP offerings:

1.     A published book—your family’s stories told in print.

·        Hard cover or soft cover

·        Full color covers

·        Full color dust jacket for hard cover book

·        Pre-Press: writing, editing, proofing, revisions, typesetting, ISBN, print set-up

·        Post-Press: product supply, press releases

·        No minimum print run required—from one to unlimited number of copies

·        Your book available via website storefronts and any retail outlets you engage

2.     Your published book via electronic media of your choosing

3.     Audio CD(s):

·  Your book recorded by you or our team

·  “Voices of the Family”—audio recordings of you and your family preserved for generations to come

4.     DVD(s)

·  Video interviews (outtakes and keepers) of family members, friends, persons you request and who you approve

·  Video presentation of the preparation of your book: production of compiled interviews, collected videos and other images you submit for inclusion

5.     Photography

·  Custom packages including Portrait, Keepsake, and “A Day In the Life”

·  Events: weddings, anniversaries, special occasions

6.     Website

·  Information about you and your project subject to your desires for access

·  Book description, sales, and distribution

·  Archiving events that post-date your book

·  Blogs

7.     Preservation of treasured documents: print and/or electronic media

·  Photos

·  Certificates

·  Commemorations

·  Citations

·  Awards

·  Diplomas

·  Degrees

·  Recognitions

8.     Music: Your story told in song(s) of your making or ours, including recording and production, whether for sale or private use

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